OPINION: America can’t tolerate stealth-Democrat Donald Trump

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

In advocating a tax hike, Donald Trump finally splits the blanket when it comes to any claim to be a Republican. His pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-crony capitalism record is now augmented by a “no problem” willingness to raise taxes.

It’s immaterial on who they’re raised – high-income earners, low-income earners or the middle class – the only thing that matters is he thinks a tax increase, not a reduction in spending, is peachy.

Donald TrumpThe Donald is a Democratic wolf in Republican sheep’s clothing, so let’s quit kidding ourselves that he represents conservative principles. He doesn’t – he’s as much a Democrat on policy as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Taxes should be slashed for every American taxpayer irrespective of income level, especially since the federal government raked in a record more than $3 trillion in fiscal year 2014. The government has plenty of money – it simply spends what it gets stupidly and wastefully, something Trump ignores.

As former President Ronald Reagan, a real conservative Republican, said 35 years ago, “The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much.”

That profligacy is worse today than at any other time, with The Donald wanting to add fuel to the big-government fire rather than douse it.  America can’t tolerate stealth-Democrat Donald Trump in the White House.


3 thoughts on “OPINION: America can’t tolerate stealth-Democrat Donald Trump

  1. Bless them or curse them, you cannot deny that conservatives are flocking to Donald Trump because he is NOT an Establishment RINO Squish.

    Trump resonates with the Republican base because he has balls. Period. We are tired of wimps and milquetoast pantywaists who bring nerf bats to a gunfight and then apologize for appearing so menacing.

    The playing field has changed since 2008…it’s now a battlefield and we are sending a loud and clear message to the GOP Establishment: Lead, follow or get the f**k out of our way.

    And don’t forget: if and when it all goes to sh*t, WE ARE ONES WITH ALL THE GUNS.

  2. If Trump does what he says and gets rid of all the illegals we won’t have to raise taxes.

  3. I agree taxes should be lowered. But what are we paying taxes for? The same programs that are most impacted by the unstopped tide of illegals flowing over the borders – education, welfare, subsidized housing, health care, multi lingualization of every issued document, crime, national security. By being up front with an issue that all the other RINOs have been mealy mouthed about and shying away from, The Donald has connected with hard working, tax paying Americans who are tired of paying for the education programs, hospital charity care, unemployment, security issues that are costing us all money because of an invisible border and the people flowing through it who do not want to assimilate and become part of the solution.

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