MacArthur improves to “safe,” Garrett now only “favored” in new House race ratings

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Garrett (left) and MacArthur (right)
Garrett (left) and MacArthur (right)

I recently pointed out that the DCCC will continue to swing at (and miss) freshman Rep. Tom MacArthur (R, NJ-03) until the Democrats start recruiting stronger CD3 candidates.

The folks over at The Rothenberg Report agree with me, Save Jerseyans.

They’ve moved MacArthur from “favored” to “safe” in their latest analysis of 2016’s House contests.

Conservative favorite Scott Garrett (R, NJ-05), however, is moving in the opposite direction, with his seat moving from from “safe” Republican to “favored” Republican due to Bergen-centric demographic changes and the recent NRCC controversy.

Check out the full report here and then let us know if you concur.


6 thoughts on “MacArthur improves to “safe,” Garrett now only “favored” in new House race ratings

  1. If John Adler couldn’t win the old NJ-3 in 2010, it will be practically impossible for even a top tier Democrat unless a strong wave happens. Not likely in 2016.

    Another Groundhog Day, another Garrett is vulnerable meme. When a name Democrat enters the race and manages to win the Bergen portion of the district, then we can talk. The rest of the district is a firewall that would require the Democrat to score almost 60 percent in what is still at worst a Republican leaning area in total.

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