POLL: Is a gas tax hike okay in exchange for other cuts?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

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That’s what Governor Chris Christie, fresh off of signing ATR’s no tax pledge, suggested North Jersey business leaders at a Monday gathering in Whippany.

“I will consider any option that’s presented to me as long as those options include tax fairness for the people of New Jersey. Tax fairness for the people of New Jersey,” he explained to the CIANJ audience, striking a much more cautious tone than his embattled NJDOT pick Jamie Fox.

He’d have to explain it to me, too, not to mention plenty of folks in New Hampshire. And why even make it an issue? I think he’s got a better imagination than THAT, Save Jerseyans. There are alternatives, ones which would make great talking points for the presidential campaign trail, and he’s got the skills to scale the bully pulpit and articulate them. But that’s not a majority approach among Trenton Republicans who, faced with a depleted Transportation Trust Fund, don’t see much hope of a compromise with Democrats that doesn’t included new “revenues.”

We spend so much time responding in the GOP that I think we forget the important of driving the discussion, even if it’s a losing battle. Why concede from the get-go to a bad premise?

Enough from me. Let your voice be heard:

POLL: Is a gas tax hike okay in exchange for other cuts?

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51 thoughts on “POLL: Is a gas tax hike okay in exchange for other cuts?

  1. NO. We do not need more taxes. We need more responsibility with budgets at all levels. There’s no reason everything under the sun should be the most expensive in the nation in this state. We have population density, which SHOULD serve to drop our average price. There’s no reason for this nonsense.

  2. No its not ok.Stop stealing and have One account for payments, along with accountability.Enough have been stold, redirected, overspent, hidden away.No more Taxes..Remember when florid tried to raise a tax on toilet paper? He learned quick. If you don’t have the money for Your Special Projects Forget them.

  3. Kick out all illegals and do not accept any new Muslim immigrants…..
    Cut off entitlements to lazy workable folks and limited number of children for food stamps threshold…
    Can do many cuts … And am ok with a tiny bit gasoline tax increase up to 25 cents per gal for temp fix….

  4. That is a tough question to ask the middle class who are hurting because we give away the store in many instances to foreigners at the federal level which has to twikle down to the states on certain programs. By the way, my statements are not a slur against foreigners, it is putting Americans first which it seems over time it is more neglect that support.

  5. Politicians act liked spoiled children; always asking for money. I feel as if we taxpayers have given you Carte Blanche for years. It’s time that we, the parents, cut the cord and tell you to start living within your means.

  6. No! The estate tax affects the rich or well to do. How many middle class working stiffs have 700+k in assets? That won’t get turned over to a spouse? The gas tax affects the working class the hardest while relieving the well off of a significant hit. The 1-2% that it actually affects that is.

  7. No more taxes in NJ we are smothered by it and get nothing for it it goes into the slush fund of the Democratic majority in Trenton been in there since the 70s so sick of politics as usual while they screw the taxpaper over and over again

  8. NO. NJ cuts one tax and raises them somewhere else. This is nothing but a class warfare play, we will cut taxes for the commuting class and only raise it on those who managed to work and save themselves into a higher tax bracket. Do the assembly and senate ever ask ‘What can we give up?’ Do they ever volunteer to give up their pensions and benefits? Do they ever commit themselves to term limits so that they have to go back into the private sector and work for a living (yes I am talking to you Jeff Van Drew, dentist)?

  9. No. His logic makes no sense. If the roads and bridges need repairing, then perform an audit on how the existing gas tax is being spent. Christie says he is okay with it, if it is offset by reductions in other taxes, like the inheritance tax or the death tax. The problem, to me, is this….where is the extra money going to come from,? Where is the new money for road and bridge maintenance going to come from if the new tax is offset by other tax cuts. How does that raise additional funds?

  10. New Jersey is known for many things but two of the things we love most about our state is that
    1) We have among the lowest gas prices in the country
    2) We don’t pump our own gas

    We get hit in so many ways with fees and taxes . Let us have a breather with this one.

    I also think the Governor will not go that way at the end we still have the least amount of increases across the board in taxes under his tenure then under any same period in the last 30 years and for that he deserves credit.
    People forget how bad it was before.

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