N.J. principal renews frighteningly un-American ban on Halloween

N.J. principal renews frighteningly un-American ban on Halloween

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Halloween brings out the ghouls and goblins among us, Save Jerseyans, including those lurking a little too close to our children for comfort.

Consider the case of a Maplewood, New Jersey principal who, according to the Maplewood Patch, is once again trying to ban Halloween, his second attempt after being reversed by an administrator last time around, and Seth Boyden Elementary School’s Mark Quiles is relying on some stunningly strange logic to justify this latest attempt at destroying one of childhood’s premier seasonal events.

“As we all know, one of the strengths of Seth Boyden is that we are such a diverse community, with many cultures represented, and that we truly value each one,” he explained in a letter to parents dropped last week. “In the past, in-school celebrations of Halloween have made many of our students feel left out – last year 120 students did not participate in the celebrations, and many other families kept their children home on that day. In total, 20 percent of our students did not participate.”

A lot more than 20% of New Jerseyans are about to skip the November 3rd legislative elections, Mark. Should we cancel democracy? ‘Cause apparently a lot of folks in the Garden State are offended by it.

Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this moron. And I do mean moron. I’ve written extensively in the past about the liberal ideological aversion to Halloween (and their resulting desire to manipulate it for their warped ends) but, sometimes, the simple explanation is the most accurate.

Halloween Costumes
Halloween is endangered in Maplewood

Forcing a Jehovah’s Witness, Orthodox Jewish or Muslim school kid to wear a costume? I could see where that’d be objectionable to some. But what far-left morons like this principal never seem to grasp is that you can’t augment one person’s liberty by curbing another’s. Denying the majority (in this case, by Mark’s math, 80% of the student body) the right to practice a secular, harmless holiday is antithetical to the “diversity” he longs to perpetuate. 

Good ‘ole American pluralism is what I suspect Mark thinks he’s achieving. He’s obviously wrong, and I suspect it’s more a matter of ignorance than malice. It’s the same mistake that gives us “safe zones” in colleges. Pluralism is defined as “a condition or system in which two or more states, groups, principles, sources of authority, etc., coexist.” Coexist is the key word. If you erase one culture (in this case, the dominant one) with another, then coexistence isn’t happening, is it? 

Alas, far-left educators like Mark Quiles are going to stubbornly keep trying to socially-engineer our kids into their vision of what an American should be no matter how often you or I correct them. That’s a shame (not to mention hypocritical???), because even if their vision was a laudable one, fundamental change rarely happens at sword point in this particular arena. It’s organic. Allowing kids to treat the day as they see fit risks some Muslim children beginning their parents to buy a costume but is that such an awful thing?

The strength of our American culture is that we can’t escape one another. There were no “safe spaces” at Ellis Island. We mix, and meet, and sometimes clash, yes, but out of that interaction inevitable comes a cultural consensus, a byproduct of a system that works better than any other in the industrialized world. Schools are supposed to aid in this process of learning how to think, not what to think, in a diverse and challenge world.

But all of this is apparently over a certain principal’s head.

So what would be a real treat for Maplewood’s kids this year? Not to mention in their best interest as little citizens and future voters? If tricky ghouls like Mark Quiles would get out of education, go take a job at the Huffington Post tracking microaggressions or writing about paternalistic yogurt, whatever, and let Maplewood kids be free Americans on Halloween, however they and their families choose to do it! That’s the point. Moron.


10 thoughts on “N.J. principal renews frighteningly un-American ban on Halloween

  1. So some schools – some right here in NJ – are cancelling Halloween because it’s somehow not “inclusive” or multi-culti enough for the idiots that run some of our schools. First of all, Halloween is absolutely inclusive because anyone can wear whatever they want. Secondly, it’s not a religious holiday, so there’s no reason not to allow kids to dress up. Thirdly, this is freaking America, and if people who come here can’t tolerate a stinking silly American holiday for children, they can kiss my American ass.

    The thing is, this is not about Halloween; it’s about jerkoff leftists “fundamentally changing America” by eliminating things that are unique to America. These scumbag liberals want us to be like the drones in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” marching in lockstep together and giving up individuality for groupthink and they MUST BE STOPPED!

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