Your script for dealing with liberal ‘interrogations’

Your script for dealing with liberal ‘interrogations’

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

Liberals always seem to want to interrogate conservatives — but on liberals’ terms.

They seem to want to put us “on the stand” as if we have committed some crime. Then they get to ask loaded questions and control the subject. Don’t let them do it.

It’s no crime to embrace common-sense conservative beliefs.

Here’s what I told one liberal who tried this on me not too long ago:

Let’s get this straight: I am not under oath; I’m not on the stand and I’m not here to be interrogated by you or anyone else. Interrogation is a form of control, nothing more. THAT is a classic tactic.

Now, in one month Obama has racked up a bigger debt than George W. Bush did in a whole year. The mounting federal debt is robbing us of our freedom and liberty and threatens to enslave our nation. It will certainly deprive our children and grandchildren of options they might otherwise have had. The shaky state of the dollar (related to the deficit) is also cause for concern. If you don’t understand that debt that grows out of proportion to the GDP threatens our future then you’re missing a very simple, practical point: When we work for our own money instead of insisting on handouts; when we are able to keep more of what we earn; when we practice economic common sense and avoid going into debt, we have more options, more freedom, more opportunities. When we become indebted (either personally or collectively) we close doors to those options or opportunities.

And being indebted to CHINA? Well, that IS scary.

Bigger and bigger government. Growing debt. More government regulation. A burgeoning and bloated federal work force committed to more and more bureaucracy — this is not the path to freedom and liberty.

Personal responsibility — rugged individualism — that’s what made America great. The common sense of hard-working, ordinary Americans made us the greatest country on earth. Reagan, again: “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”

As we face growing and alarming challenges, I wonder if Obama and the Democrats realize this. I wonder if they even see it. I wonder if they believe in American exceptionalism. I know that I do. And I pray — yes, PRAY — that future generations do as well.


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  1. I have a better response: We have guns. Lot’s of them – in fact, a majority of them. You idiots believe in “gun free zones.” We win. You lose.

    Next question?

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