LD2 Update: Democrats angry over Democrat clerk’s screw up

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Never a dull moment on Election Day…

Atlantic CountyPOLITICO New Jersey is reporting that provisional ballots weren’t at the polls when Atlantic County voters (which encompasses battleground LD2) when to the polls this morning, Save Jerseyans. Provisionals might prove consequential. In 2013, then-Assemblyman John Amodeo lost to this cycle’s incumbent Democrat Vince Mazzeo by only 51-votes in a recount where provisional ballots put him over the top.

So we can almost now guarantee (another) court battle in LD2 with a hearing already scheduled for tomorrow morning on this issue, and it’s likely to drag on unless one party wins both seats by a large margin. Great!

Get ready for Democrats to complain about disenfranchisement since the ballots were late as a result BUT, as we pointed out earlier in October when the General Majority PAC went to court, County Clerk Ed McGettigan is a long-time Democrat county official and arch-enemy of the Atlantic County GOP organization.

Did one of their own disenfranchise their own voters on purpose? Not likely. Incompetence is likely the culprit. 

A GOP clerk might do better?


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