Executive action on guns both justifiable and needed

Executive action on guns both justifiable and needed

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie is generally making a lot of sense on the gun front these days, Save Jerseyans, most recently coming out strong against Loretta Weinberg‘s painfully illogical “smart” gun bill, but when the New Hampshire presidential insurgent said he didn’t believe executive orders transform New Jersey’s totalitarian carry requirements, my brain hurt just a little bit….

He can. And he did.

Back in June, he directed his attorney general to issue a new regulation expanding the definition of “justifiable need” in the state’s administrative code to cover victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes.

Why not do it again?

And sure, a legal challenge will inevitably result, but the threat of court action didn’t stop the Governor from taking on the pension system.


The Democrat legislature is an obstacle. That’s undeniably true. But obstacles aren’t unconquerable when you’re the most powerful governor in the country. He could do himself – and all of us – a world of good by acting the part. Let the next Democrat governor reverse the changes. I’d rather be in the position of defending an established right than trying to establish one.


8 thoughts on “Executive action on guns both justifiable and needed

  1. He is also getting no support from the base because of his adoption of Common Core and PAARC and his failure to actually do something about it. Great article put out today on just that.( The Hill.) Bush, Christie, Kasich, and Walker. What do all these Governors have in common besides low poll numbers? They all adopted and supported Common Core. They will never get any traction ever. It is a much bigger issue than most politicians realize.

  2. He can make it stick if he changes justifiable need and changes how long permits are valid change it to 10 years it will be a long time until all the permit will expire and by then really hard for anyone to change such an entrenched practice

  3. Christie never changed the admin code to allow the victims of DV buy and carry handguns within 2 weeks after applying. As usual he talked big but did nothing. I just checked the code nothing was changed and last I heard no one ever took any steps to make it happen like publishing proposed changes to the code.

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