ACLU-NJ wants to blame police for “sadistic” liberal policies

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Sometimes you have to wonder what planet these people come from, Save Jerseyans.

Certain regional media are chatting about a new study sponsored by the ACLU-NJ and authored by a “Soros Justice Fellow” at the ALCU-NJ’s Criminal Law Reform Project. Yes, that Soros. The notorious far-left billionaire who recently put millions behind racially-charged protests including those in Ferguson, Missouri.

Therefore, the grand conclusion shouldn’t surprise anyone. According to the study, racial minorities are charged with four “minor” offenses at significantly higher rates than white residents in four New Jersey cities: Jersey City, Elizabeth, New Brunswick and Millville. You can read the whole thing for yourself here. Cumberland County’s Prosecutor is reviewing the findings.

“Racial disparities are a red flag that a particular community may be the target of unfair enforcement,” the author complains. “This can foster resentment in the community, and reduce community cooperation with police. Law enforcement training and policies that take such disparities into account can reduce those disparities, encouraging police-community collaboration and increasing confidence in police work.”

Police CruiserA red flag for unfair, racist enforcement? Or awful social policies?

This debate is decades old, folks, but this much is certain: while an increasing number of conservatives and libertarians have led the way in recognizing how criminal justice reform needs to play a role in fixing our broken communities, the Left still refuses to acknowledge the primary role in creating the problem played by their endless, fruitless social engineering experiments. Study after study demonstrates how social mobility for blacks plummeted after the Great Society, a trend first predicted by the late Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and God knows we’ve written plenty around here about how current policies including the not-so-subtle racism built into our public school system continues to handicap our most vulnerable communities.

The ACLU-NJ’s report does not prove – or even convincingly suggest – malicious racial profiling. A conclusion that requires less of a leap of logic by the reader? That minorities are continuing to commit a higher percentage of crimes, notably in many neighborhoods where they’re concentrated like the ones targeted by ACLU-NJ, a conclusion well-documented by reams of statics which didn’t make it into the ACLU report; consequently, as police focus on these high-crime areas, police departments overseen by liberal municipal governments, by the way, they’re naturally far more likely to catch minor crimes committed by those residents.

It’s not just a policing “strategy.” It’s a pathetic reality.

Yes… pathetic. The report does yet again demonstrate how young minorities like Ferguson’s Michael Brown are statistically doomed in neighborhood ravaged by the Left’s way of doing things. Shifting the blame to police lets policymakers off the hook for their own crimes of commission or omission as another generation is lost.

“These kids suffer from a lot of emotional baggage spawned by ineffective parenting, which is worsened by white bleeding-heart liberals who use these troubled kids for their liberal agenda,” explained Milwaukee County’s sheriff in a 2014 editorial. “Social liberalism is a sadistic ideology.”

Agreed. So maybe it’s time to start focusing on saving these kids BEFORE they commit a crime?

Rather than fret exclusively over the consequences after the first crime is committed?


Matt Rooney
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  1. I don’t think it is baloney….. Growing up around poorer people and in poorer neighborhoods, along with being pushed around the dyfys system for a good part of my childhood I can say this article hits it right on the money. Both sides are screwed up, all out just to help themselves, and the ACLU is definitely far from being away from any of this. Going after the police without going after deadbeat parents, trying to clean up the communities or trying to get to children before they get to the criminal stage of their life seems to make sense to me. Call it what ya want, but I’ve lived in and around this crap and know people who are involved in some of it as well, and trust me, its far from bullshit or baloney. There’s a shitload of political corruption among the liberal side of NJ and a hell of a lot more hidden agenda driven folks working in and around our cities then most like to admit.

  2. I pretty sure the vast majority of citizens in Elizabeth and JC are minorities so pulling over a white person in those two cities would be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

  3. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the citizens in JC and Elizabeth are minorities so pulling over a white person would be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Sometimes these studies should also list the demographics of the town. If you have a town that is 90% minority and then you make a statement like this it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s just like saying the majority of people getting pulled over in Westfield are white.

  4. Yea well, the Libtards solution to all of this is to disperse all these people into the middle class communities. This should improve their life style. Obama is currently working on this move right now, in a big way. “Spread the wealth” “higher taxes for the middle class suburbs, inject it into the inner cities” on and on.

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