New Jersey fliers might be grounded effective January 10th. Blame the TSA!

Newark Liberty International Airport

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport

You may’ve missed this storyline, Save Jerseyans, but if you’re planning on traveling anywhere by plane in 2016, you need to follow along.

The bottom line: we’re waiting on the notorious Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to decide if it’s going to start enforcing the 2005 “Real ID Act,” a 9/11-era federal law mandating certain changes to state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards for security purposes.

If the feds start cracking down, driver’s licenses from nine U.S. states may no longer be accepted as valid ID for airline passengers beginning on January 10, 2016.

One of the non-compliant states? New Jersey, home to Newark Liberty International Airport, the nation’s 15th busiest airport in terms of total passenger traffic and 4th for international passenger traffic.

Time to renew your passports, folks!

The threat is real and anything but hypothetical. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials are already refusing to renew exemptions for Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, and Washington (state). New Jersey is on a list with Alaska, California, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington (as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands whose residents might be out of luck effective January 10th if ongoing reviews do not result in an extension renewal.

Common sense reform? Or a danger to privacy rights? I welcome the debate, one which was extensively litigated in our state’s courts, but while New Jersey and the feds debate the issue, it’s absurd to inconvenience millions of people who already went through a six-point ID verification process to obtain a state-issued driver’s license. Extend the exemption! For Pete’s sake…


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  1. Fear not, Save Jerseyans (don’t you hate that dumbass f*cking nickname?): things will get better when Cankles wins the White House, thanks in no small part to stay-at-home RINOs sulking in the wake of a Donald Trump nomination.

    Which reminds me: will YOU be staying at home and sucking your thumb on election day in the wake of a Trump nomination, Matt Rooney? Your loyal “Save Jerseyans” are waiting with bated breath for the confirmation of what so may of us suspect.

    Do tell.

  2. Let the record show that in a comment he posted on this site at 6:21 PM on December 29, Matt Rooney wrote: “I will not vote for Trump under any conditions. The GOP will officially no longer be a home for conservatives at that sad pass.”

    There you have it, folks…straight from the mouth of the horse’s ass: he’d sooner see Communist Cankles and Cigar Boy in the White House than ever pull the lever for The Donald.

    I guess the likes of McCain, Romney, Ryan, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, et alia weren’t “sad pass” enough for you in two general election cycles. Then again, I can understand: your precious GOPe is taking a beating now and will likely endure serious defenestration in the upcoming 2016 Republican primary. You’re panicking – and I can practically see the sweat stains on your shirt.

    Good! You should be panicking, Matt Rooney…your political judgment is approaching like a runaway freight train. Too bad you bet the farm on the wrong team – and I’m not referring to the Filthydelphia Iggles.

  3. Well aren’t you just a huge piece of kindness and love!! From the sound of it, you will not be voting in the election. Bet you voted for Wolfe and Kathleen Kane though.

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