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  1. The Eagles SUCK. Their fans suck. Their city sucks. Maybe one day soon (or never) they will actually win a Super Bowl. Until then they suck – and YOU suck for cheering them on.

    GO STEELERS, who’ve actually won six of the eight Super Bowls in which they’ve played – and I speak as an actual Pennsylvanian (unlike South Jerseyans, who are too stupid to realize they ought to be cheering for the Giants).

  2. Maybe when the NEW YORK Giants become the Jersey Giants, we “stupid” South Jersey fans might consider it. When was the last Super Bowl the Steelers won, btw? I seem to not be able to remember it in recent history. You know what really does “suck”….people of your ilk.

  3. Suck it, Paw…suck it long, suck it hard and choke on it:

    Super Bowl XLIII
    Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23
    Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
    February 1, 2009

    Super Bowl XL
    Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10
    Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
    February 5, 2006

    Super Bowl XIV
    Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 19
    Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
    January 20, 1980

    Super Bowl XIII
    Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31
    Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
    January 21, 1979

    Super Bowl X
    Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17
    Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
    January 18, 1976

    Super Bowl IX
    Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6
    Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
    January 12, 1975

  4. Paw wrote: “Maybe when the NEW YORK Giants become the Jersey Giants, we “stupid” South Jersey fans might consider it.”

    In the likely event it escaped your attention: the New York Giants face off against their opponents in a stadium complex located in the New Jersey Meadowlands. For all practical purposes, the NY Giants are a New Jersey team

    Now…in which stadium do the Filthydelphia Iggles lose to their opponents? Speak up if you know it!

    Why yes…Lincoln Financial Field.

    And where, precisely, is that stadium complex located?

    What’s that you say?

    Speak louder….say it…SAY IT:.


    yOU ARE CORRECT, SIR! Thanks for playing.

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