PICKING FIGHTS: Christie resurrects Court pick as GOP legislator says he should consider resigning

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog


Things are getting a little nuts, Save Jerseyans, and Chris Christie is taking on battles to his left and his right, too.

First up, there might be a new battle with Democrats looming over the fate of New Jersey’s Supreme Court. On Monday afternoon, the Governor took a second crack at nominating Judge David Bauman to the State Supreme Court announced at a State House annex presser. Governor Christie originally nominated Bauman back in late 2012 along with Robert Hanna but both nominations died through the inaction of the Democrat controlled State Senate in 2014.

Arguably in order to appear consistent, the Governor also called on his fellow Republicans in Washington, D.C., to hold hearings to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, a position which runs counter to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader and most of the GOP presidential field:

Meanwhile, shortly before the press conference, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16), who lost his GOP incumbent running mate in last fall’s legislative elections fiasco, now says he believes the Republican Governor should consider resigning as first reported by Matt Friedman of POLITICO New Jersey.

“As a lame duck governor, there’s an opportunity for him to get a number of things done that would fix New Jersey,” Ciattarelli told Friedman. “Some of those things are painful, but they need to be done. And a lame duck governor is in the best position to do that. This endorsement concerns me in that it could mean he’ll be out of state a great deal again. If that’s the case, it’s time for him to really give consideration for what’s in the best interests of New Jersey and step down and let [Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno] be governor.”


4 thoughts on “PICKING FIGHTS: Christie resurrects Court pick as GOP legislator says he should consider resigning

  1. If the governor continues to use his taxpayer funded salary and security detail to persuit national relevance, I have the confirmed support of thousands to start a petition asking him to resign. Right now is a great opportunity to make NJ shine in the spotlight if he continues to work right here in NJ. As the first Republican leader to endorse Trump two weeks before his announcement, I believe the out of state neglect of duties contradicts Donald Trump. As recent as yesterday Donald Trump said Rubio not attending Senate votes is fraud to the Florida taxpayers, and I am sure this is why Trump told Christie to get on the plane and go home.

  2. I agree he should resign NOW. His body and soul have been else where ever since he got elected as Governor he has always been looking for the next step up the ladder.

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