N.J. HO– USE RACES: DCCC targeting Garrett but backing off of MacArthur

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

That’s the latest indication from the DCCC’s publicized Red-to-Blue program, Save Jerseyans.

Garrett (left) and MacArthur (right)
Garrett (left) and MacArthur (right)

New Jersey’s 5th district, held by Scott Garrett (R), in number 12 on the list of hoped-for Democrat takeovers heading into the fall.  Former Clinton and Kerry operative Josh Gottheimer is the challenger in an R+4 district where Garrett is nevertheless a potential fundraising target for liberals angry over his comments about NRCC gay GOP candidates. Garrett is a CPAC speaker at next month’s conference in D.C.

Conspicuously absent is New Jersey’s freshman Republican House member, Tom MacArthur. We’re guessing the reported DCCC interview with Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D) didn’t go well? Obama won NJ-03 twice. The trial balloon appears to have popped, and if Lampitt or another South Jersey Dem wants to take on MacArthur this November, the DCCC is apparently indicating that they’d be on their own at least in terms of the all-important fundraising variable.

Congressional Democrat strategists’ outlook gels with that of veteran electoral handicapper Larry Sabato who declared MacArthur’s seat “safe” on Thursday morning:


3 thoughts on “N.J. HO– USE RACES: DCCC targeting Garrett but backing off of MacArthur

  1. Garrett is an extreme obstructionist and belongs to the Ted Cruz shutdown club. His governance is penny-wise and pound foolish . He refuses to maintain bridges, tunnels or mass transit. He has even refused to pay his GOP dues because he doesn’t want any LGBT officeholders. He doesn’t believe in equality or effective government.

  2. Gee, I wonder why??? One is a crony and one is not.One works for the people and one works for their corporate handlers. One is conservative and the other pretends to be, and one promises and the other delivers. Of coarse they are backing off of the RINO MacArthur. And the establishment wonders why the people will elect someone like Trump. MacArthur poses no threat to their socialist agenda.

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