Fulop: fighting injustice (and helping himself) by making government more expensive!

Fulop: fighting injustice (and helping himself) by making government more expensive!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We all know why he’s really doing it.

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney and his allies are pushing a $15 minimum wage at the state and federal levels so his gubernatorial primary rival, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, is trying to match fire with a minimum wage hike of his own… by executive order. For government employees.

“Today, Jersey City will be first city in New Jersey to enact a $15 minimum wage for all of our employees that work for city government,” Fulop announced on Monday. “I can’t in good conscience advocate for something we haven’t implemented ourselves. So today, I signed an Executive Order that will adjust the salaries of 500 employees (nearly a quarter of the city’s work force) to ensure that working for Jersey City provides a base salary, which allows you to live in this region.”

Steven Fulop“Actions speak louder than words,” the statement concludes, a clear broadside at Sweeney.

Here’s another zinger: Facts speak louder than spending other people’s money to get elected.

Not as catchy or succinct, granted, but no less true for it!

This is Fulop’s MO; remember when he announced transgender surgeries would be paid for by Jersey City? He’s trolling for Democrat primary votes by spending taxpayer dollars from a city treasury that is heavily subsidized by taxpayers NOT living, working, or operating businesses in Jersey City. He’d never be able to afford this nonsense were it not for unfair reassessments, PILOT abuse and a school funding formula that can only be described as insane.

Check your ideology. Even if the $15 minimum wage DID work – something that’s currently being disproved out in Seattle – it’d still be manifestly inequitable to expect the rest of the state to fund Steven Fulop’s gubernatorial primary effort.

We can do better, folks. Really and truly.