CRAZY: Democrat House candidate frets over “challenged” Orlando shooter

The "challenged" Omar Mateen (left) and Peter Jacob (right)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Peter Jacob, a 30-year-old first-time candidate for public office, has a steep wall to climb if he hopes to overcome and defeat Leonard Lance in this year’s NJ-07 congressional contest, Save Jerseyans.

He’s not off to a great start. At all.

Just last week, before the funerals were even over, the far-left political neophyte decided to politicize the murder of 49 innocent victims at an Orlando nightclub by laying bizarre criticism at the feet of the Republican incumbent.

Why do I say it was bizarre?

“In the wake of another horrific mass shooting, Congressman Leonard Lance, is again misdiagnosing the ailments we face as a society by simplistically labeling the act a product of ‘radical Islam,'” Jacob complained in a statement obtained by Save Jersey. “The reality of the shooting in Orlando shows an individual who felt challenged by internalized homophobia and had easy access to weapons of mass destruction.  An individual who had a misguided understanding of Islam, a religion that an overwhelming majority of people across the world and here at home practice peacefully.”

I added the emphasis, folks. I’m pretty desensititzed to stupidity after 8-years of political blogging in New Jersey, but that sentence is one of the more transparently moronic things I’ve seen over the course of those years.

“Challenged”? Really??

The "challenged" Omar Mateen (left) and Peter Jacob (right)
The “challenged” Omar Mateen (left) and Peter Jacob (right)

A major cause of hatred in our modern world, I’m sorry to tell you, Peter Jacob, is radical Islam. Connect the dots and reconsider your own diagnosis: the shooter Omar Mateen‘s father is an infamously pro-Taliban Afghan expatriot and his mentor was an ISIS-affiliated Imam. Recently, a full 52% of British Muslims recently told a major pollster that homosexuality (not gay marriage) should be banned. Read the headlines overseas as Paris and other major cities fall victim to homegrown, ISIS-inspired attacks, many of which involve bombs, or knives, or other scary things used to kill and maim innocent people notwithstanding strict national gun control laws in those respective jurisdictions.

Reasonable people can debate the fine point all day long, but to suggest the Orlando massacre was primary caused by loose gun laws, garden variety homophobia, or anything OTHER than a cancerous religious ideology colloquially called radical Islam would be like, to employ another analogy, insisting that the Nazis couldn’t have been primarily responsible for the Holocaust because, after all, it was the gas chambers that did the actual killing.

That’s objectively INSANE. Crazily stupid and naive to the point of being beyond a little insulting.

I could (and have) walked Save Jersey readers through the many reasons why gun control doesn’t translate “crime” or terrorism control. I’m wasting my time, of course, because most of the vociferous gun controllers who take to social media in the wake of tragedies aren’t intellectual people. They’re emoting. They’re citizens of the feelocracy. Would-be political leaders like Peter Jacob want to be their president.

The detached-from-reality Jacob approach is as hypocritical as it is factually-bankrupt, too, since while accusing Congressman Lance of being “simplistic” for appropriately focusing on Islamic terrorism, Jacob’s press release proposes solutions solely involve new (or redundant) gun control measures and nothing else. For example, what about mental health reform? Leonard Lance HAS promoted legislation to modernize our nation’s behind-the-times mental health infrastructure. Mental health issues are common thread along with ‘gun free zones’ behind EVERY mass shooting.

This isn’t the student union, Save Jerseyans; it’s the United States Congress in a time of war that’s coming to our homeland with greater frequency than ever before.

What we need in Congress? Adults who would rather spend their time serving the American people than validating an ideology. Looney tunes like Peter Jacob are more preoccupied with being P.C. – and avoiding insulting anyone – than being honest with the people they’re trying to represent. We simply can’t afford it.


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