INDEPENDENCE DAY COMES EARLY: Sweeney spikes gas tax vote before July 4th Weekend

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

New Jersey motorists just got a reprieve from higher gas taxes, Save Jerseyans.

The State Senate has gone home for the day and, according to Senate President Steve Sweeney, there won’t be a vote on a transportation trust fund fix until at least next Tuesday:

Governor Christie had demanded a vote on the gas/sales tax compromise he brokered with the N.J. State Senate earlier this week. Sweeney, left out of the discussions, is responding by hitting the pause button. His chamber prefers a death tax roll-back in lieu of a sales tax cut to offset a 23-cent gas tax bump.

Save Jersey sources believe it could be 1-2 weeks before the Senate votes.

The fiscal year ends this Friday.


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