Former Norcross challenger launches South Jersey news site

S.J. Watchdog's logo (L) and Alex Law (R)
S.J. Watchdog’s logo (L) and Alex Law (R)

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

25-year-old Alex Law fell short in his David vs. Goliath NJ-01 Democrat primary battle with Donald Norcross this June, Save Jerseyans.

The Bernie Sanders-loving, anti-machine crusading young pol pledged to stay in the game despite the setback.

He made good on that promise this week with the launch of SJ Watchdog, a news and commentary site decided to South Jersey happenings with a decidedly non-conformist bent.

“I was inspired by John Oliver’s call for more local journalism and decided to do something about the lack of coverage of local politics in South Jersey,” Law, who’s serving as editor, told Save Jersey. “I think my campaign really changed the narrative around how people talk about politics here, and I wanted to make sure that we continued in that positive direction.”

Here’s the video he referenced:

Law says the site won’t have a strong ideological orientation despite his personally strong leftward tilt.

The site’s official mission statement explains that “SJ Watchdog was created with one purpose: to shine a light on politics in South Jersey.”

“In America today, in particular in South Jersey, there is too little coverage of State and Local government. We want to make sure citizens are as informed as possible.”