N.J. Democrats’ latest gun control bill is totally racist, right?


It wouldn’t be December in New Jersey if Democrat legislators weren’t trying to shove heaping clumps of coal in law-abiding gun owners’ stockings.

They kicked off the final stretch of 2016 by trying to ban toy guns and empowering marriage counselors to seize firearms.

Next up?

On Monday, the Law and Public Safety Committee is reportedly ready to consider A4179, legislation which “[r]equires firearms purchaser identification card, permit to purchase handgun, or permit to carry handgun for temporary transfer of firearm at firing range.

Translation: You wouldn’t be able to go to the range, and do anything other than watch, without possessing a firearms ID card.

Advocates say the measure will prevent suicides (?).


As ever, liberals will have trouble explaining exactly how it would help.

Our friend Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25), a staunch supporters of Second Amendment rights, took to social media today to highlight an exceptionally ironic angle of the proposed legislation:

But consider this language: ‘The person transferring the firearm and the person receiving the firearm also shall provide proof of identity in the form of a valid driver’s license or other government-issued form of photo identification.’

Now, we KNOW that insisting on such ID to vote is racist, because a disproportionate number of minorities lack such ID; that’s what the NYT tells, so it must be true.”


A very, very good point.

Michael Patrick Carroll
Michael Patrick Carroll

Contrary to popular belief, there is no explicit right to vote in the U.S. Constitution (the 15th Amendment protects only against discriminatory prohibitions on voting).

The right to bear arms is much less ambiguous.

MPC touches the lack of logical continuity running throughout Leftist policies with a pin.

It’s racist to ask for voter ID, but not buy cigarettes ID?

Gun ID?

Purchase a house ID?

Get on a plane to fly home to Newark International ID?

Will an African American or Hispanic firearms enthusiast be scared away from the range, and preventing from exercising an explicit constitutional right, because of his new proposed law?

I’d love to hear from an affable Leftist out there in our Save Jersey audience who thinks he, she, or xe can square opposition to voter ID laws with support for this latest attempt to undermine the Second Amendment in New Jersey.

We’re all ears but I think understandably nursing low expectations.