VIDEO: GOP legislators rally to ban N.J. abortions after 20 weeks

20 weeks, Save Jerseyans.

That’s where a group of New Jersey legislators want to draw the line when it comes to abortions obtained in the Garden State.

“I don’t think that anybody wants to see a baby experience pain, whatever you position is,” explained Ocean County’s Asm. Ronald Dancer on Monday, flanked by fellow Republicans at the State House.

He’s the primary sponsor of A3452 in the state General Assembly; Senators Joe Pennacchio and Steven Oroho are championing a similar measure in the State Senate. In explaining his support the measure, Dancer cited mounting scientific evidence that babies can feel pain, and even survive outside of the womb, as early as 20 weeks post-fertilization, long before the traditionally-accepted 24-week “point of viability.”

At the moment? New Jersey remains one of the country’s most permissive states on abortion: