Ciattarelli Challenges Guadagno: Debate Me in All Twenty-One N.J. Counties!

State Assemblyman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli wants Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno to debate him in each and every one of New Jersey’s 21 counties, Save Jerseyans.

“Taxpayers and voters are fed up with platitudes and generalities like the ones put forth by Lt. Governor Guadagno during her kickoff yesterday and on her web page,” said Ciattarelli, who contrasted Guadagno’s issues page with his own 5-point blueprint. “Kim has been the 2nd highest elected official in our state for more than seven years and, according to her, and has been exploring a run for Governor for months. So it amazes me she had time to put together a slick video for her web site, but was unable or unwilling to put forth a plan for New Jersey’s future with any specifics or substance. New Jerseyans deserve better.”

Guadagno (left) and Ciattarelli (right)

Ciattarelli also made it clear that he’s taking the gloves off in this spring’s contest for the right to succeed Chris Christie as the state’s top Republican.

“To be honest, I was little embarrassed for Kim after reading the ISSUES page on her new web site,” said Ciattarelli. “After seven years with her as second-in-command, we have the worst economic growth and highest property taxes in the country, the highest foreclosure rate in the country, and an analysis by the United Way this week that a staggering 37% of the states’ households live paycheck to paycheck due to New Jersey’s high cost of living and lack of economic opportunity. We can’t afford to have more of the same.”

Guadagno launched her own campaign on Tuesday in Keansburg; the Ciattarelli camp pounced immediately, attacking the LG’s attempts to distance herself from the unpopular Christie and even trolling her over the event’s Facebook technical difficulties.

“I have instructed my team to work with Kim’s camp and the other candidates to schedule a debate in every county – whether in front of five people of 500 – so voters can see us in action,” concluded Ciattarelli. “If Republicans are going to win in November, we need a candidate who has a real plan and is battle-tested. These debates will produce that, and give us our best chance to win in November.”

New Jersey voters from each party will select their gubernatorial nominees this upcoming June.

On the Republican side, Social media activist Joe Rullo and Nutley Township Commissioner Steven L. Rogers have also already announced GOP candidacies of their own and are actively campaigning. Other possible GOP primary candidates include veteran SNL comedian Joe Piscopo.

On the Democrat side, Goldman Sachs millionaire Phil Murphy is the presumptive nominee but will face token challenges from a handful of Democrats challenges including Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) and State Senator Ray Lesniak (D-Union).