Guadagno Starts General Election Trailing Murphy by 29 Points

Quinnipiac projected a 10-point Christie lead at this point in 2009, Save Jerseyans.

This week? Eight years later?

A new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday finds Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) with a massive 29-point lead over Chris Christie’s second-in-command, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, 55% to 26%.

It’s a challenging landscape across the board for the newly-minted GOP nominee.

Guadagno, a Republican, is losing among New Jersey white voters by 13-points, men by 16-points, and women, too, by a staggering 39-points.

The biggest obstacle for the Republican’s campaign doesn’t appear to be Donald Trump, economics or tax rates; a full 54% of surveyed voters say her affiliation with Chris Christie gave them a negative impression of her. The same poll found Christie’s job approval rating at a record low 15%.

Only 1/3 of voters feel the same way about Phil Murphy’s Goldman Sachs tenure.  

Back in February, Guadagno trailed Murphy by 16-points.