DENIAL: Phil Murphy (who compared Trump to Hitler) wants to blame the Constitution for Scalise’s shooting

A disdain for the doctrine of personal responsibility lies at the heart of the modern Leftist worldview, Save Jerseyans.

It comes from the top. Check out what N.J. gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) had to say after yesterday’s dramatic events in Alexandria, Virginia:

So it’s the Second Amendment‘s fault that a Bernie Sanders “bro” tried to kill Republican members of Congress?


Time to look in the mirror, Phil.

We haven’t forgotten how, this past November, you spoke to hundreds of liberal activists and compared Donald Trump to Hitler and his followers to Nazis (a story first reported here at Save Jersey):

And then there’s the TV ads you’ve been running throughout New Jersey urging voters to join you in resisting a President who allegedly wants to steal their health insurance and poison their air and water:

Every time we see a so-called “mass shooting” in the news, the suspect invariably perpetrated his evil act in (A) “gun free” zones and/or (B) in violation of dozens of gun laws.

So did the Second Amendment put Rep. Scalise in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, Phil?

Or did the toxic political environment, engendered by you and your far-left allies (see just two examples of your own behavior above), give a crazy person the motive to act out?

Please consider taking responsibility for your own ugly and dangerous behavior, Mr. Ambassador, before attempting to deprive responsible citizens of their right to defend themselves from YOUR movement’s extremists — extremists whom you’ve helped whip into a frenzy for your own self-serving electoral ends.