This N.J. candidate isn’t giving up on the gas tax fight

The vote went down last October. Neither major party gubernatorial candidate is talking repeal. But Hamilton Councilwoman and LD14 State Senate candidate Ileana Schirmer isn’t done fighting New Jersey’s uber-controversial gas tax.

Linda Greenstein, the Democrat incumbent and Schirmer’s opponent, joined the majority and voted to raise our state’s gasoline tax by 23 cents per gallon

“I’m making her vote for the gas tax a focal point because it is a symbol of what is wrong with Trenton and what has been wrong with her time as a legislator,” said Schirmer. “If Linda Greenstein could not find a dedicated source of funding for infrastructure projects within our bloated state government, then we have to ask ourselves, how can we ever expect her to lower our property taxes? The Transportation Trust Fund did not go ‘broke’ overnight.” 

Schirmer’s campaign launched to drive the point home.

Ileana joined NJ 101.5’s Bill Spadea last week to challenge Greenstein to a debate over the issue: