Menendez’s trial could impact everything. Why isn’t the national media covering it?

If Bob Menendez is ultimately convicted of corruption in his federal trial that’s slated to commence this week, Save Jerseyans? As the President’s own adviser recently noted, it could tip the balance of NUMEROUS debates in Congress ranging from health care to tax reform.

Reuters did a fine job of explaining the stakes:

If he is convicted, he would face significant pressure to resign, and the Republican-controlled Senate could seek to expel him. His replacement, at least until January, would be named by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican and ally of President Donald Trump. That would add to the Republicans’ 52-48 Senate majority only months after their bid to repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law failed by a single vote.

The Trump agenda might quite literally be riding on a Menendez guilty verdict.

So what good faith reason could there be for the national media to almost completely ignore the story?

American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen (who’s contributed to Save Jersey before) recently shared the stunning details on Twitter:

That’s right. As far as the public is concerned? If said members of the public get most of their news from networks? A criminal trial with profound consequences 

Another organization — America Rising PAC — conducted its own analysis, “…and we found that ABC, for example, hasn’t even mentioned the Menendez corruption trial since April 12, 2015 on This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” reported America Rising Press Secretary Scott Sloofman.

Not April 2017 or 2016… 2015.

Over two years ago.

The next several weeks will undoubtedly decide Senator Menendez’s fate. That’s obvious enough. This country has a lot on the line, too. When will the mainstream media start acting like it? And do its job for once in our lives?