Bergen pastor-turned-Assembly candidate says it’s time for Trenton to prioritize God

Saddle Brook-based LD38 Assembly candidate and Christian pastor Christopher Wolf is talking a lot about taxes, NJ Transit, and other issues North Jersey voters are chattering about this cycle.

Wolf, who preaches at First Reformed Church of Saddle Brook, nevertheless believes what ails Trenton goes much deeper.

He’s pitching “Christopher’s Code” – what his campaign describes as “a ten-point, game-changing pledge of public office conduct.”

“The relationship and trust between an elected official and constituents is sacred. ‘Christopher’s Code’ captures the value I place on being a leader and representative,” said Wolf. “Trust in elected officials and government is at an all-time low. I want to do something about that.”

Here are the points:

  1. Honor God
  2. Love, serve and pray for all (neighbors) constituents 
  3. One agenda – always do what is best for District 38 
  4. Engage opponents and opposing views truthfully and respectfully
  5. Clarity and transparency – provide explanations of all significant votes and sponsored legislation
  6. Accountability and connection – hold regular town hall meetings, community and issue roundtables, and other constituent gatherings
  7. Set personal limit at three terms in the Assembly
  8. Use power and influence to defend and protect the vulnerable and those in need
  9. Be willing to sacrifice for principles and beliefs
  10. Follow all legal and ethical standards for holding office, seeking to avoid even the appearance of impropriety  

“I want constituents to know where I stand, what they can expect, and that I am here for them,” Wolf added.

A little folksy? Perhaps. But at a time when Trenton’s popularity continues to wane, and concerns about “civility” monopolize political coverage, perhaps candidates like Wolf are onto something by trying to flip the script and kick-start a conversation on the deeper meaning of public service.

LD38 voters will soon have a chance to decide for themselves.

Background: Wolf is running with Glen Rock Councilman Bill Leonard on the Assembly ticket led by New Milford Councilwoman Kelly Langschultz who is mounting a strong challenge to Senator Bob Gordon and his incumbent Assembly running mates Tim Eustace (D-Maywood) and Joseph Lagana (D- Paramus).