Phil Murphy: New Jersey’s first governor prioritizing Non-New Jerseyans

Phil Murphy is working overtime in his first days as governor to help illegal aliens continue breaking U.S. law, Save Jerseyans.

There’s no other way to accurately describe it, but it’s not exactly a surprise either; he told us that non-New Jerseyans would be his top priority as New Jersey governor back during the campaign. Not you or me or any of the many hard-working, diverse citizens who came here the right way from distant lands. He’s consistent if nothing else…

Not that it’s much consolation. Phil Murphy’s taxpayer-funded federal DACA lawsuit move announced Wednesday is cheap political theater. It’s even more insulting than his decision to “rush” to a church on Thursday after ICE detained two illegals.

Yes, he hasn’t filed anything yet. And yes, other states are already involved so New Jersey’s participation is symbolic at best.

Murphy STILL hasn’t announced a plan to lower actual citizens’ property taxes. Not during the campaign or now as the first 100 days are well underway.

The people who pay the bills will continually be expected to pay out the nose for his party’s latest voter registration drive (which is 100% what this is all about) so that Murphy can build a “progressive” crusader profile for the Democrats’ 2020 or 2024 presidential primary.

Next up? His novel but no less awful for it “office of immigrant protection” proposalOther governors wasted our money in billions of bad ways. This guy will be the first to blow it all on people who aren’t even New Jerseyans.

Some New Jersey governors have been better (or less terrible?) than others. What’s unique about this guy? In an awful sort of way? His complete and utter lack of concern for the people who actually legally reside here — of all backgrounds, races and creeds — and pay Trenton’s bills… including his salary.

Chris Christie waited a couple of years before losing interest in governing; Phil Murphy didn’t wait two weeks.

He’s on the fast track to a one term tenure.

If you’re not angry? You’re not paying close enough attention…

Matt Rooney
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