#NJSen: Libertarian Party’s Sabrin comes out against the Kavanaugh nomination

#NJSen: Libertarian Party’s Sabrin comes out against the Kavanaugh nomination

FORT LEE, N.J. — Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate Murray Sabrin has declared against Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, Save Jerseyans, and the rapidly imploding allegations of sexual misconduct appear to be only one item on the long-shot 3rd party hopeful’s concerns.

“Brett Kavanaugh should be disqualified for consideration regardless of whether or not the allegations of sexual assault are accurate,” Sabrin said in a Tuesday evening statement. “It is beyond dispute that Kavanaugh’s egregious support for warrantless wiretapping and the Patriot Act demonstrate a flagrant disregard for civil liberties. I would vote against his nomination, because we need Justices on the Supreme Court who support individual liberty and the Bill of Rights.”

In 2015, Judge Kavanaugh wrote in a concurring statement that the “the government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment.”

“Critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program. The government’s program does not capture the content of communications, but rather the time and duration of calls, and the numbers called. In short, the government’s program fits comfortably within the Supreme Court precedents,” Kavanaugh explained.

Around the time of Sabrin’s release’s dissemination to state media, Fox News reported that an ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford had authored a letter in which he contradicted many of the professor’s claims, casting further doubt upon her story.

The most recent U.S. Senate poll pegged Sabrin’s support at 3% while the Democrat Menendez and Republican Hugin were locked in a statistical tie.