Back in the Bergen GOP fold, Saudino also donated to the 2019 Morris Democrat sheriff candidate

HACKENSACK, N.J. – Former Bergen Sheriff Mike Saudino abandoned the GOP for the Democrat Party; then he was forced to resign in disgrace after being caught on tape using bigoted slurs.

This week he was publicly re-embraced by the Bergen GOP at a Hackensack headquarters event. Saudino, a pension double-dipper, is apparently rejoining the Republican ranks having been cast aside by the Democrat, but he’s still supporting North Jersey Democrats with his money. 

According to publicly viewable ELEC documentation (click here), Saudino’s old campaign committee donated $2,500 William Schievella on April 20th.

Schievella is a Democrat candidate for Morris County sheriff.

There is a personal connection. Schievella previously served as Director of Communications for the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office Sunder Saudino; it was Schievella who, after Saudino’s career-ending scandal broke, emailed out a statement expressing the disgraced sheriff’s “sincere apology to the people of Bergen County for the insensitive recorded remarks that were made public today” contained in a recording first shared by WNYC.

Saudino’s big donation will still raise eyebrows. 

Spared a primary challenge, Schievella will face-off with incumbent Morris County Sheriff James Gannon in November. Gannon is considered a rising star in the New Jersey Republican Party and a possible future candidate for higher office.