A partial list of women the Left doesn’t give a damn about

By Matt Rooney

I said “partial list” because, let’s face it, the Left doesn’t actually aid any of the people it’s constantly telling us it wants to “help.” But with so much out there in the news right now about the politics of the female vote,  Save Jerseyans, I thought it was worth giving a brief overview of a topic too many people are afraid to broach.

For your consideration:

(1) Young female athletes

Where are all of the strong, independent liberal women standing up for American girls and their youth sports experience? Are today’s feminists really FOR the advancement of women? Or just a far-left ideology? I’d say it’s high time to put up or shut up. Every single major 2020 Democrat contender supports integrating “trans girls” (biologically male kids) into female youth sports. By legal force. Some kids and their parents are starting to fight back. I don’t think we even need to list the many benefits future woman leaders derive from participation in sports as children, teens and young adults. I should say “derived” because the Left is doing its best to change all of that and rob the next generation of American girls of the same opportunities that they enjoyed. I guess they can fill some of that free time with video games, partying, drugs and Drag Queen Story Hour…

(2) Women who believe biology determines gender

I suppose the Vagina Monologues is bigoted by today’s Left’s standards? The very notion that all women have vaginas is now unbelievably controversial among liberal activists; that’s the reason you’re seeing fewer ‘pussy’ hats at their protests. We’ve gone from believing the genders are equal to “there are no differences between the genders” to “there are no genders, or at least too many to count since it’s completely subjective” in a few short decades. Being a “woman” is now a… state of mind? Traditional “first wave” feminists are aliens creatures in the 2019 environment. Insanity! Look what they did to poor Martina Navratilova.

(3) Women living in Sharia Law-dominated countries

Yup, the #MeToo caucus hates Trump-Pence and devours every new episode of The Handmaid’s Tale but I’ve yet to see them show up to protest in those neat little red costumes in Riyadh or Tehran. American women have complete legal equality. Millions of women living in the Islamic countries of the Middle East/Africa/Asia are stuck in the Stone Age. Rape, female genital mutilation, and even being stoned to death for being raped (or minor offenses) isn’t uncommon. Unfortunately, the rules of political correctness bar this sort of activism which, ya know, would actually combat REAL discrimination. That’s because the Left’s antipathy for Western cultural imperialism > concern for the plight of women in foreign countries. Sorry, sisters of Sharia lands! You’re on your own. 

(4) Unborn women, from conception to the moment before birth

You have value unless you’re unwanted. That’s the message states like Illinois and New York are sending by allowing abortions not just in the 2nd or 3rd trimesters but up until the second a fully-developed baby is born. Spoiler alert: approximately half of these babies are female. They’ll never get a chance to go to college, take women’s studies classes, vote for Bernie Sanders and lecture their uncle at Thanksgiving about the patriarchy. They’re dead. 

(5) Katie Brennan and women allegedly assaulted by Democrats

I’m old enough to remember when newspapers and politicians insisted that ALL WOMEN MUST BE BELIEVED when they accuse a male of sexual violence. The exception: women like Katie Brennan, the young Democrat and Murphy campaign volunteer who accused another Murphy World figure (Al Alvarez) of raping her. Was it ever proved? Nope, and the prosecutors’ offices of two counties wouldn’t take the case, but serious and disturbing questions remain about how the case was handled and, critically for the purposes of this discussion, there was no less information in evidence than what we heard during the completely unpersuasive testimony of Christine Ford on Capitol Hill. The big difference: Dr. Ford was trying to take down a Republican while Brennan was accusing Democrats of treating her poorly. Hence, why you aren’t hearing very much about Katie Brennan these days.

(6) Republican/conservative/religious women

See #2 and #6 above. You’re not a real woman, much in the same way that courageous black Republicans are routinely degraded as “Uncle Tom’s” by their Leftist detractors. Sorry.

(7) Women who own small businesses

And women who earn the minimum wage. And women who earn significant income. And women who graduated from liberal arts colleges with massive debt and few employment options. Women are setting new positive records for achievement in the Trump economy, but the Left continues to tell women that their concerns should be the sum of their ovaries (see #4 above). In states like New Jersey? Women are dynamic small business entrepreneurs but they’re frequently thwarted by punishing property tax, income taxes, regulations and “social justice” obstacles (like the new minimum wage laws) which make succeeding in blue state America beyond tough. 

(8) Women who are trafficking victims

The biggest victims of the free-for-all at the U.S.-Mexican border are women and children trafficked by organized criminals. The Left doesn’t care because this humanitarian crisis is good politics for its base.