Born male, ‘transgender woman’ transferred to N.J. women’s prison after filing suit

TRENTON, N.J. – Transgenderism’s next frontier may be New Jersey’s penal system.

The plaintiff at issue – identified only under the pseudonym “Sonia Doe” in a filed lawsuit spearheaded by the N.J. ACLU and Robyn Gigl of Gluck Walrath LLP – accuses the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) of ignoring years of hormone therapy and abuse, ‘misgendering’ the plaintiff/inmate who was reportedly removed to a women’s correctional facility earlier this week. 

“I am a woman and feel unsafe in a men’s prison,” declared Doe in a sworn certification.

Click here to read Doe’s filed certification.

The complaint can be viewed here.

“Sonia Doe has been subjected to unconscionable conditions in men’s prisons. By committing to transfer her, the DOC has begun to address these harms,” said ACLU-NJ Legal Director Jeanne LoCicero. “While the case continues, we are hopeful that the DOC will act quickly to draft and implement policies that meaningfully protect Ms. Doe’s rights and the rights of other transgender people in prison.”

New Jersey has emerged as one of the country’s most permissive state’s where transgenderism is concerned under Democrat Governor Phil Murphy. Under Murphy, for example, residents may now change their gender designation on their birth certificate without providing proof of having undergone gender reassignment procedures; what is more, public schools are barred from sharing a student’s expressed gender preference with the student’s parents