Op-Ed: New Jersey’s District 12 Needs a Congressional Representative… Not a Slacktivist

Bonnie Watson Coleman
By Mark Razzoli

District 12 Congresswoman, Bonnie Watson-Coleman has jumped on the D.C. radical socialist bandwagon by aligning herself with the ant-Semitic “squad”.  She is neglectful in representing the 12th District voters, which is the job she was elected to do.

She may be a supporter of the “squad”, but people voted for her to represent them as constituents, not to carry on like a “slacktivist” cajoling the far left by boosting their already inflated egos.

Of the 12 New Jersey Members, Bonnie Watson Coleman was the only one to vote against the resolution to condemn the anti-Israel boycott. Who is she to take this position on our watch, and who exactly is she representing with her vote?

If Congresswoman Watson-Coleman was at all in-tune with her constituents, she would know that the misguided views expressed by the far-left socialists in Washington do not align with the communities in the 12th District.

On the matter of public safety, I am compelled once again to implore Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal to place public safety before all political agendas. The most recent tragedy occurred in Atlantic County when a grandmother and her grandchildren were struck, the seven-year-old child fatally, by a vehicle driven by an unlicensed  illegal immigrant who was later released from the county jail as per Attorney General Grewal’s directive without notifying ICE.

Why has this governor been so silent on this? National security and public safety are not issues that can be swept aside, and the safety of Americans should not be treated as an afterthought. 

Placing illegal immigrants over the safety of American citizens is egregiously anti-American, even by far-left socialists standards.


Mark Razzoli is Democrat Councilman in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Mark Razzoli
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MARK RAZZOLI is a retired Jersey City Police Detective who lives in Old Bridge and serves on the Old Bridge Town Council. Mark is currently a candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District.