O’Scanlon scolds Murphy for “astounding” response to sexual harassment report

HOLMDEL, N.J. – This week, Governor Phil Murphy opined that he found a widely-discussed NJ.com report on sexual harassment in the New Jersey governmental and political sectors to be “shocking,” a curious reaction which drew disbelief from anyone familiar with the Trenton universe.

It’s especially curious given Murphy’s well-known practice of employing non-disclosure agreements to muzzle women who work for him.

On Friday, State Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) expressed exasperation on Twitter.

“The fact that the Governor can utter these quotes with no sense of shame or irony, while his campaign attorneys continue to threaten female campaign consultants WITH RETALIATION (emphasis not enough) if they speak out about the atmosphere/incidents on his campaign, is astounding,” O’Scanlon tweeted: