New Jersey: America’s 4th worst place to retire

TRENTON, N.J. – On the same week when Governor Phil Murphy’s State of the State address completely ignored the affordability crisis, the popular website WalletHub released its latest worst/best places to retire rankings.

New Jersey came in at a miserable 47th.

“If retirement is still a big question mark for you because of finances, consider relocating to a state that lets you keep more money in your pocket without requiring a drastic lifestyle change,” WalletHub’s analysts explained. “To determine the best states to retire, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 47 key indicators of retirement-friendliness. Our analysis examines affordability, health-related factors and overall quality of life. Read on for our findings, insight from a panel of experts and a full description of our methodology.”

New Jersey placed mid-pack for quality of life (#31) and health care (#23) but third-to-last (#48) for affordability just ahead of Vermont (#49) and New York (#50).

The lack of a plan from the Murphy Administration seems likely to keep New Jersey’s rank in the basement indefinitely. 

“His reading of the state of our State reflected the delusions of an out-of-touch executive who can’t (or won’t) accept the harsh economic realities of America’s highest taxed families,” NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt complained following Murphy’s big speech. “The US economy is booming, and the common-sense policies employed by President Trump mask just how weaker and poorer New Jersey is under this Governor. Murphy’s agenda ignores the economic challenges of youth, the tough, fiscal realities of parenthood, the difficult retirement decisions facing seniors, and the crippling business climate his policies create.”