Auth, Cardinale will introduce school choice amendment for vaccine mandate bill

By Matt Rooney

We’ll see if S-2173 passes today, Save Jerseyans. It’s going to be close.

An update: I spoke to our good friend Assemblyman Bob Auth (R-39) this morning. He read my piece from over the weekend concerning the value of a school choice debate in the context of his vaccine fight, and he’s planning to introduce a school choice amendment today on the floor to catalyze just that. Assemblyman Auth tells me his colleague Gerald Cardinale (R-39) plans to propose the amendment in the State Senate.

Democrats will inevitably table the amendment. They’re only “pro-choice” if you’re making the choice they want you to make. We know that.

That’s also not the point. As I’ve argued many times, the GOP minority caucus may be limited in terms of the bills it can help advance or defeat, but it does have the ability to frame major debates by choosing what WE (not the Democrats) want to talk about. S-2173 provides a golden opportunity. 

Kudos to the LD39 GOP team for their great work!