N.J. Assemblyman seeks to create religious exemptions for school materials, lessons

TRENTON, N.J. – Don’t want your kid participating in a sex ed class? Or controversial lesson?

You could soon be in luck. Assemblyman Bob Auth (R-39) has introduced the “Protecting Parental Involvement in Curriculum Act.”

If adopted, parents would have a right to hold their children out of any school lesson or opt out of any educational materials concerning “sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, conscience, ethics, morality, or religion” if the lesson or materials are violative of the family’s religious beliefs.

Parents can also recoup 75% of the percentage of their property tax bill supporting the local school in the form of a voucher in the event that the school cannot accommodate the exemption. Auth was prepared to introduce a similar amendment to the recent ill-fated vaccine mandate bill but never got the chance when the bill was pulled.

New Jersey recently enacted legislation requiring an LGBTQ inclusive curriculum for all state public schools.