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By Bill Spadea
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It’s comforting for many New Jerseyans to think that keeping your distance from other humans will somehow keep you safe from deadly disease and infections. The problem of course with this message, which we hear on just about every news broadcast across the country, is the facts don’t support the conclusion. A few things jump out right away.

First there is the CDC provisional death count, which clearly shows a spike in deaths over a period of just a few weeks. Considering that the lockdown took place at the end of March, it wasn’t necessarily effective. That inconvenient truth for the cowering public also supported by one of  they key frontline docs in the pandemic, Dr. Daniel Murphy who heads up emergency medicine at St. Barnabas in the Bronx. He stated publicly that the impact of social distancing policy certainly had less impact than the politicians are claiming.

Second, Florida, which has fewer than 2,000 deaths from COVID-19 to date, didn’t lock down until April and is already reopening. Beaches and restaurants included. Interestingly enough in Florida, the governor treated the population like free adults and left it up to local authorities to manage the reopening. As a result, areas with lower coronavirus impact are opening faster.

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