VIDEO: Testa tells 300 Vineland protesters “what I am here to do is to listen”

VINELAND, N.J. – State Senator Mike Testa, Jr. (R-1) was among the speakers at Vineland’s Wednesday George Floyd demonstration on Landis Avenue.

“What we witnessed in the murder of George Floyd was the absolute worst in humanity,” Senator Testa said. “What we’ve seen across the First Legislative District shows the best in Americans. Our community from Ocean City, Middle Township, and today in Vineland joined together in solidarity and listened to the voices of our friends, family members, and communities. Today, we were Vineland strong.”

“The murder of George Floyd was a senseless gut wrenching murder that was difficult to watch,” added Testa. “But you know what – we all need to watch it because it’s the year 2020 and this is still going on. And it’s absolutely disgusting.

“I cannot profess to know the struggles that African Americans face every day. But what I am here to do is to listen, and march in solidarity with our community.”