13 Things About 2020 That Don’t Make Any Sense (And Are Really Irritating)

By Dale Glading

1. Joe Biden, after spending the past 47 years as a swamp creature living inside the Washington Beltway, blaming President Trump for all of America’s problems.

2. Andrew Cuomo, whose decision to force nursing homes to readmit COVID patients resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths, lecturing President Trump on how to best handle the pandemic.

3. The Democrat Party – and their talking heads on CNN – claiming that President Trump was responsible for the spike in unemployment during the pandemic as if the coronavirus-induced lockdowns (mostly in large, Democrat-controlled states) weren’t the sole reason.

4. These same America-haters, who have been rooting against an economic rebound until after the November 3rd election, refusing to credit President Trump’s policies for the V-shaped recovery and the unemployment rate dropping to 8.4% in record time.

5. Jerry Nadler, with his pants hitched up to his Adam’s apple, telling a man-on-the-street that the BLM and Antifa-inspired riots were “a myth.”

6. Nancy “Come on down to Chinatown” Pelosi and Bill “It’s safe to ride the subway” de Blasio criticizing President Trump for not taking COVID-19 more seriously at the beginning.

7. Joe Biden, who called President Trump “xenophobic” for banning travel to and from China in late January, now trying to make us believe that he would have done a better job slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

8. Dr. Fauci, after moving the goalposts for the umpteenth time, calling out Americans for not following his recommendations or taking his advice more seriously. Maybe it was that infamous “first pitch”, Dr. Fauci.

9. Millionaire ballplayers, many of whom have endorsement deals with companies that rely on Chinese sweatshops and child labor, telling us how we need to stop oppressing people.

10. BLM organizing mass protests that devolve into violent riots every time a black suspect is killed by police while resisting arrest, but remaining shamefully silent about the dozens of black-on-black shooting deaths each weekend in major American cities.

11. Democrat lawmakers shutting down small businesses while allowing Walmart, Home Depot, et al to remain open… not to mention abortion clinics.

12. Democrat lawmakers forbidding private citizens to eat out in restaurants and get haircuts while they eat out in restaurants and get haircuts.

13. Democrat lawmakers, period.


Dale Glading is an ordained minister and former N.J. Republican candidate for Congress.