Robbinsville High goes remote. If Murphy is reelected? Your school may be next.

Robbinsville High goes remote. If Murphy is reelected? Your school may be next.

Robbinsville High School is remote this week, Save Jerseyans, after an “outbreak” prompted schools officials to close the building.

“Remote instruction will begin on Monday, September 20th for all high school students,” Superintendent Brian J. Betze announced on Saturday. “All students are expected to be at home for remote instruction. This will give the state and local officials time to conduct contact tracing and the district the ability to do a deep cleaning of the high school.”

We’ve seen other “outbreaks” in other districts this September, and it’s not surprising since the science supporting masking kids remains disputed (at best). Interestingly, when some school districts contemplated ignoring the governor’s mask mandate, the Murphy Administration came down like the Hammer of Thor and threatening consequences for willful noncompliance.

Murphy also made in-person instruction a requirement. Will he come down on Robbinsville, too?

Don’t count on it!

As always, the Democrat incumbent isn’t following the science here. He’s following the polling, and while masking finds some support among terrified parents, a majority of K-12 parents are NOT supportive of remote learning. They want their children in school because they see the value of it, academically and socially; they also need to work, and remote instruction is a luxury only upper middle class or wealthy families (like Phil Murphy’s family) can afford. Single parents, parents with special needs children, and those fighting to scrape by are the ones who suffered the most last school year.

The NJEA, for the record, does NOT support in-person instruction whatever they may tell you now. They want to go remote. The only reason they didn’t force Murphy’s hand this year (like they did last school year) is because they want Murphy reelected and, consequently, the powerful public sector union is willing to accept political reality… for a little bit longer.

The NJEA also gave $6 million to a pro-Murphy dark money group. They’re going to want a return on their investment.

Your kiddos will be the victims. Our children run a very high risk of going remote again after November 2nd if Phil Murphy is reelected, Save Jerseyans. The writing is on the wall. The “Chi” or “Theta” variant will come along, the Media’s scare porn machine will kick into high gear, Fauci will recommend everyone wear fish bowls on their heads, and you’ll be back to full-time teaching while simultaneously trying to hold down your regular job from the kitchen table. 

Mail-in ballots are going out. The weather is cooling. Election Day is fast approaching. When you cast your ballot, remember: Ciattarelli vs. Murphy is as much a referendum on remote learning as anything else you’re seeing in the TV ads.