Spadea says he’s willing to lose radio gig over vaccine, testing mandate

Spadea says he’s willing to lose radio gig over vaccine, testing mandate

NJ 101.5’s Bill Spadea says he’s not willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or subject himself to weekly testing… even if it means losing his popular drive time radio program. 

Spadea declared his position in a Monday op-ed on the Central Jersey station’s website.

“They now have three choices,” the host wrote, referring to employees of companies enforcing President Biden’s executive order. “Ignore the immoral mandate, allow an exception for working at home, which I will do because it’s important to continue speaking truth, or three — fire me. My wife and I are prepared for that possibility and will certainly take the fight to the next level if that’s the case, but the bottom line is we should not be in this position at all.”

Spadea has frequently and vocally questioned the science behind COVID-19 restrictions and regulations over the past 1 1/2 years; back in May, YouTube suspended NJ 101.5’s channel for a week over a Spadea anti-masking video.

There’s no official word yet that NJ 101.5’s parent company – Townsquare Media – will enforce the President’s demand that all private employers with at least 100 employees require proof of vaccination or weekly testing. Many corporations and their counsel are still examining the language and what the consequences might be of bucking what is undeniably a dramatic expansion of the OSHA regulatory regime.

A former candidate for Congress, Spadea just launched his on 501(c)(4) organization two weeks ago dedicated to pushing back on government policies that restrict liberties including COVID-19 restrictions.