Bramnick stays loyal to Murphy, backs controversial Platkin’s AG nomination

From botched sexual misconduct scandals to the draconian Covid-19 lockdowns, acting New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin played a central role during many of the Murphy Administration’s worst moments.

Now he’s likely to be confirmed in his current acting role, and guess which Republican is offering his support, Save Jerseyans?

“My job as a senator is to determine whether you are qualified,” Bramnick, who’s bragged about visiting Governor Murphy’s house, offered towards the end of his own questioning. “I do not have to agree with you.”

What about the first term of Phil Murphy renders anyone associated with it qualified for ANY job, let alone as the state’s top law enforcement official?

I know what my answer would be.

Platkin’s nomination advanced from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday in an 8-2 vote. Next up is a vote before the full Democrat-controlled State Senate.

Matt Rooney
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