Reminder: Christie picked Christopher Wray for Trump

It’s worth remembering on the day after Monday’s Mar-a-Lago raid, Save Jerseyans, exactly how Christopher Wray entered the Trump orbit in the first place.

Plenty of Leftists on social media are gleefully pointing out that Trump himself hired the FBI director presiding over yesterday’s outrageous act of political retaliation.

But who recommended Wray to Trump?

Our old pal Chris Christie.

And before the ex-Governor left Trump’s circle of advisers, the president apparently let him know how PISSED he was about the Wray recommendation. Christie admitted as much in his Republican Rescue book which, you will recall, sold about six copies:

The former governor says he defended Wray from Trump’s attacks.

“He’s really not, Mr. President,” Christie says he told Trump. “In fact, he’s done a great job with the FBI. He’s reshaping it, reclaiming it. He’s fired all the people who were executive types in the Comey administration. Chris Wray is doing a great job for you.”

But that only enraged Trump further.

“No, he’s not,” Trump replied, according to Christie. “He’s doing an awful job, and he’s your pick. He was your pick.”

“Doing a great job for you.”

Was the goal really to help the president? Or is it just another example of Christie planting or attempting to plant men loyal to the adviser (Christie) around the president?

It’s always about Christie. Always.

Wray previously served as Chris Christie’s lawyer during the Bridgegate investigation before heading to the FBI. If you’ve never heard the tale of Christie’s missing cell phone which ended up in Wray’s hands? Click here.

There’s ALWAYS a Jersey angle. Always.

Matt Rooney
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