CRAZY JERSEY: Gun permit fees are going way up, but trans name change apps will be free?

Welcome to New Jersey: Democrats are hiking gun permit application fees by 1150% but moving to waive name change fees so it’s easier for a dude named Ken to become “Kim” if the mood strikes.

The General Assembly passed A4769 this week 43 to 29, and among its many anti-2A provisions are big application fee increases. The application for a handgun purchase permit will jump from $2 to $25 and firearms purchaser identification cards will surge from $5 to $50. Democrats under the dome are also pursuing a personal liability insurance mandate for all legal firearms owners.  The clear intent, of course, is to circumvent Bruen and dissuade the poor from purchase firearms with which to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, mere days earlier, Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order making name change applications private, a priority of the LGBTQXYZ123 movement.

“Within 14 days of the effective date of this Order, the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services in the Department of the Treasury shall treat all name change orders filed after December 31, 1948 as confidential, except for when a record of such order is requested by the person whose name was changed or by the person’s parent or guardian, if the person is a minor at the time of the request, or otherwise for good cause shown,” the E.O. explains.

Murphy is also reportedly backing pending legislation to WAIVE the current $50 name change application fee. Again… politics. Naked Democrat primary base politics.

We live in a madhouse, Save Jerseyans. At least the beaches are nice! But you have to buy a beach tag for them, too.


MATT ROONEY is’s founder and editor-in-chief, a practicing New Jersey attorney, and host of ‘The Matt Rooney Show’ on 1210 WPHT every Sunday from 8-10PM EST. 

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MATT ROONEY is's founder and editor-in-chief, a practicing New Jersey attorney, and the host of 'The Matt Rooney Show' on 1210 WPHT every Sunday evening from 7-10PM EST.