Spadea dismisses super pac attack: “this movement scares the hell out of these guys”

An ad launched by Kitchen Table Conservatives – a new super pac whose leadership includes will include Kellyanne Conway and Jamestown’s Larry Weitzner – stirred debate in New Jersey GOP circles on Thursday, but the target of the group’s first ad says he isn’t flapped by it.

“People behind this super PAC dark money group are attacking me because they are truly afraid of you,” NJ 101.5 host Bill Spadea told his morning drive audience on Thursday. “You are the ones who power this show.  You’re the ones who power this movement.  Your calls, your anger, your suggestions, your ideas, and most of all, your passion. You are the power, not me.  Honestly, I’m along for the ride.  I’m here to help. But this is your movement.”

“So this attack. Honestly, it’s not an attack on me. It’s an attack on you. And most of all, it’s an attack on what you represent. Because you’re not just listeners,” Spadea continued. “You are leaders of a very important and special movement. And this movement scares the hell out of these guys running for governor and the big super PAC, dark money groups that support them.”

Spadea is widely believed to be a 2025 gubernatorial candidate although a formal announcement isn’t expected until the end of the 2024 cycle. His opponents are 2021 nominee Jack Ciattarelli and state Senator Jon Bramnick.

The super pac’s ad itself, which attempts to impeach Spadea with his own past comments which were critical of Donald Trump, is likely designed as much to keep the former president out of the 2025 race as it is to deter Garden State Trump supporters from backing the radio host. Trump is reportedly sensitive to candidate’s perceived support (or lack thereof) of him when making endorsement decisions.

Audio of Spadea’s remarks is post below:

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