Predicting CD3: Who Wins? By What?

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

MacArthur and Lonegan debate on WPHT Radio

MacArthur and Lonegan debate on WPHT Radio

I don’t think this post requires an explanation, right?

CD3 is the only truly “competitive” primary on the GOP house side of the ledger this cycle, and for the record, I’m placing the word ‘competitive’ in quotes because I’m not sure whether the final margin will seem competitive on its face when the votes are tallied on Tuesday evening. Available polling suggests that Tom MacArthur is headed for a low-double digit victory over Steve Lonegan tomorrow night.

That being said, when we’re talking about a low turnout non-presidential primary cycle, Save Jerseyans, it’s hard to guarantee exactly who is will show up. The MacArthur folks are employing the phrase “cautiously optimistic” which, given everything we know, is more than fair.

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