Cullari Goes on Offense Against Little in NJ-6

New Jersey’s 6th District is easily the most competitive GOP congressional primary in the state this year. There are endorsements flying to both sides from a number of sources. Each candidate has the line in a separate county. All indications right now are that things thing is a toss up.

Ernesto Cullari has a name recognition disadvantage because Little, as I am sure you are all aware by now, has been a candidate before and really never stopped running for office since losing to Frank Pallone in 2010. However, no one has ever really been sure just which office she was running for.

The Little campaign was originally slated to be Anna Little for Senate, taking on Joe Kyrillos in the primary and hoping to take on Bob Menendez. Unable to collect 1,000 signatures across the state, Little shied away from a Senate run and now supports Kyrillos. She then turned her sights back to NJ-6 for a second go and was promised the line in Middlesex County, which she got. Cullari will be on the county party line in Monmouth, where Little is from and was Mayor of the Highlands.

After the Bayshore Tea Party gave their endorsement to Anna Little today the Cullari campaign decided it was time to take the kid gloves off and go on offense. They very quickly sent out a press email attacking the fiscal conservative credentials that Little runs on as a Tea Party candidate.

Highlands Mayor and current congressional candidate in District 6, Anna Little,touts herself as being a fiscal conservative, someone who looks out for the taxpayers. However a brief examination of her record in the Highlands as mayor (2008 – 2010) tells a much different story.

So-called TEA (taxed enough already) Party activists and former mayor Anna Little has a strange obsession with taxing residents of the Highlands through back door fees,fines, and license increases during her time as mayor.

During the worst recession since the Great Depression mayor Anna Little sneakily
increased numerous borough fees, fines, and licenses pushing struggling families and
businesses closer to the edge!

They then went on to list a number of taxes and fees that increased under Little’s tenure as Mayor. Some of which include things like:

  • Dog license fees (208% increase)
  • Business license fees (100% increase)
  • Liquor license fees (20% increase)
  • Vital records copying fees (200% increase)
  • Sewer rate (40% increase)
  • Garage sale license fee ($5.00)

The list goes on but you get the point. It will be interesting to see how the Little camp responds and ultimately how this race turns out. Hopefully the two of them will not beat each other up too much, as the fight to take down Frank Pallone and his piles of campaign cash will be no easy task.


6 thoughts on “Cullari Goes on Offense Against Little in NJ-6

  1. Just more rank envy for not earning Bayshore's trust and endorsement. Very sad, because Ernesto himself seems like a nice fellow, but the people around him are likely taking advantage of the fact he's never run for office, and seem to be using him to grind their personal axes. Proof? The press release uses percentage increases for licensing fees – not the actual dollar figure. For example, if a fee rose from $1 to $2, they claimed a 200% increase, technically true but gives people heart attacks until they realize what the original figure was. The rest of the increased fees, ones not shown in the article, are not taxes – they are penalties that are only imposed if one breaks the law.

    Its very interesting that this article notes that these two shouldn't beat each other up too much, because fighting Pallone will be no easy task. Just remember WHO has fired the first shot – hmmmm, makes you wonder whose payroll the Cullari campaign is on? Is Ernesto being used as a pawn in an attempt to destroy one of Pallone's most dangerous adversaries to date? Like Romney, he who attacks is the one who is trying to distract from his lack of credentials. A shame he's run of out of good things to say about himself, he has to stoop to propaganda against someone on the same side of the aisle from Pallone. You know in the military, they toss out guys who can't recognize the enemy and fire on their own units.

  2. You are right on. Its really sad that Ernesto can not recognize some of the morally defunct trash running his campaign. Not all, but some.

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