Michelle Obama Finally Took My Advice to “Do AC”

“Doing” AC was a popular choice this Memorial Day Weekend, Save Jerseyans.

Among those visiting America’s first major seaside resort were Governor Chris Christie and, believe it or not, First Lady Michelle Obama along with her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

In fact, the Republican Governor and the Democrat First Lady both attended the same Beyoncé concert at Atlantic City’s brand new Revel resort and casino hotel.

Please don’t get too hot and bothered, resident RINO hunters. I suspect there was little or no interaction between Christie and Obama other than whatever coordination took place between the Secret Service and State Police. The Governor hasn’t had much nice to say about her husband while traversing the campaign trail for Mitt Romney. It wouldn’t go well.

Not to say there isn’t any discernible political dimension to the Memorial Day travel plans of these prominent public figures. Some pundits and comment wall heroes will undoubtedly criticize Queen Michelle for once again availing herself of taxpayer-financed security and transportation for relatively extravagant jaunts. Her defenders can be expected to counter that charge by (mis)citing Governor Christie’s helicopter usage.

Just don’t expect me to join the fray. Not this time, Save Jerseyans. I refuse to knock her for this trip because it was originally my ideaBack in August 2010, when Michelle spent at least a few hundred thousand dollars on an opulent Spanish holiday in the midst of an epic recession, I asked her (by way of post): why not Atlantic City instead?

My logical was unassailable (and characteristically irreverent):

A.C. could certainly use a stimulus injection! We all know how President Obama feels about Vegas, but the Jersey Shore has plenty to offer an American family looking for a quality and affordable summer getaway. There’s even designated smoking areas inside the casinos so the President won’t have to go outside every time he needs a nicotine hit. Michelle will also feel right at home with the high-end shopping, tacky interior decorating, and half-naked females. The fuel needed to get Marine One to Donald Trump’s helipad was undoubtedly dwarfed by what it took to get Air Force One to Spain. 
Glad she finally took my advice! Also sorry it took two years but hey, the First Lady’s trip is inarguably good for the local economy and is certainly more than anything Bruce Springsteen has done for the city lately.
So thank you, Mrs. Obama! Read no sarcasm in that statement.


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