Save Rutgers: Not Meeting the July 1 Deadline… Unless Lightning Strikes Sweeney Again?

Save Rutgers: Not Meeting the July 1 Deadline… Unless Lightning Strikes Sweeney Again?

A bit of good news for the anti-merger crowd coming off of what I hope was a relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. We here at Save Jersey have been saying it for literally months, but now the rest of the media has finally caught on and is reporting that the July 1st deadline for some sort of merger deal will not likely be met.

The problem now seems to be that Speaker Sheila Oliver is dragging her feet, possibly on purpose. is reporting that Oliver has stated privately that she has no intention of meeting the deadline, and referred to it as a “fiction.”

Senator Sweeney, on the other hand, is standing firm on his commitment to do the South Jersey Democrat Machine’s bidding and get this unresearched, unscored, and unintelligent idea rammed through before anyone has a chance to know what is in it.

The final plan will, of course, need to pass through both houses of the state legislature in order to make it to Govenor Christie’s desk by July 1.

Assemblyman Greenwald had an interesting way to describe the chances of that occurring.

Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden) said the chances of meeting the governor’s July 1 deadline were about the same as someone getting struck by lighting — though he didn’t entirely rule out a speedy resolution.

Ironic at best, as we have seen that almost happen(click for video) to someone close to the issue. I would say Greenwald was trying to be clever, but for some reason I doubt it.
The July 1 deadline has been a major staple of the merger plan since mid March. With the prospect of meeting it getting dimmer, it seems very likely that the still unformed planning of whatever form the final deal takes will reach into the upcoming school year. Hopefully the greater span of time afforded to those working against the merger will use it well, because the longer this drags on, the greater harm will likely be done to enrollment and Rutgers Camden’s rankings in the future.

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  1. I like so many others would like Rutgers to stand alone as it should. It does not need help from Rowan's name. This just something Norcross and Christie have schemed to accomplish. If you two politians want to really do something going for New Jersey, such as the economy and jobs..put all your effort into that area. As it stands now I personally do not put much faith into any politians,you talk the talk but you don't delivers unless it's for your personal benefit. We need a third party in this country,who really serve all of the voters, someone who is completely honest. I also would like a sign for my lawn about Saving Rutgers………………………

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