When They Get in Trouble, THEN They’re Reported as the Governor’s BFF!

Mayor Roque (above) was arrested today.

I’m always amused by liberal media bias, Save Jerseyans.

Where it shows up, the forms it takes, who is displaying it, etc. and so on.

Even a seemingly non-partisan event — like the arrest of a public official — presents biased reporters with an opportunity to make a prominent Republican look bad. They can never resist no matter how strange or contrived the storyline might be. This isn’t news! It’s an opportunity to advance their worldview.

Exhibit A: today’s reported arrest of Dr. Felix Roque, the mayor of West New York in Hudson County

According to prosecutors, Mayor Roque and his son allegedly conspired to hack into a GoDaddy.com account to access an anti-Roque website, RecallRoque.com, and take it offline. Dr. Roque is also allegedly being charged for communications made with the intent to harrass, all reportedly relating to this website hacking issue.

We’re supposed to see the complaint later this afternoon. As always, we’ll reserve judgment until we have more information, Save Jerseyans. But what I find most interesting, and what you need to watch out for, is the clear bias dripping out of just about every report I’ve seen thus far.

Mayor Roque is a Democrat who, like many others across the state, has broken party lines and supported certain items contained in the Christie reform agenda (much like his more-famous counterpart in Newark). Yet every arrest-related report makes it sound like Roque and Christie are BFF! Not one report includes “Democrat” in Roque’s actual title; you can find an indirect reference to his party affiliation further down the page. But when a Republican goes down, God knows the offending GOP’er couldn’t pay to have the “R” dropped from print.

And one more thing… where is the mention of Roque’s late-in-time endorsement of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ)? Roque infamously flipped from backing the Republican challenger, Joe Kyrillos, to Hudson’s own Menendez back in April. So why isn’t this story being reported as “Prominent Menendez Supporter Arrested” instead of “Christie’s Buddy Faces Charges” which seem to be the dominate spin?

Answer: making Christie look bad fits the narrative! And hopefully sells a few papers in the process, too. Though I don’t even think it’s 100% conscious, Save Jerseyans. It’s gotten THAT bad!

So word to the wise, Cory Booker: keep your nose clean! If you screw up and run afoul of the law, they’ll NEVER let you forget the Christie parody video.