“Isn’t $1 Billion Enough?”

State Senate Mike Doherty (R-LD23) is unloading on the MF Global investigation this morning.

Or lack thereof?

“This is the first time in history that segregated funds held in customer accounts were raided by a financial firm to cover the firm’s losses,” said Doherty in a statement issued by the Senate Republican Office. “It’s almost unthinkable that the mega-rich executives at MF Global could loot the accounts of farmers and middle-class Americans and be allowed to get away with it.”

“How much does someone on Wall Street have to steal before Obama’s Justice Department will take action?” he continued. “Isn’t $1 billion enough?”

Doherty makes a fair point concerning the gravity of the MF Global investigation. Like I said yesterday, Save Jerseyans, there is HUGE conflict of interest potential in this case. Did something criminal transpire at MF Global? I don’t know… that’s what thorough, impartial, unbiased investigations are designed to sort out. So do I feel comfortable that “justice will be served” when MF Global’s leader raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the President of the United States and his allies in the federal government?

I’m sure we’re going to hear from more dissenting voices in the coming days and weeks…