Happy Halloween from Save Jersey

Happy Halloween from Save Jersey

"I'll get you, my pretty! And your delicious little school lunch, too! Ahahahaha!"

Happy Halloween, Save Jerseyans!

This year has a different feel, doesn’t it? The election of our lifetimes is upon us, and not every little Garden State ghoul and goblin will have an opportunity to celebrate today thanks to that watery witch, Hurricane Sandy the Frankenstorm.

The good news? Most towns are forging ahead anyway or rescheduling Halloween events (including trick-or-treating) for a different date. It’s not the same, sure, but it’s better than nothing. Our only hope is that you all enjoy a safe, fun and satisfying holiday given the circumstances.

And fun is only part of the equation. Halloween is great for the economy and understanding economics, too. I’ve also always maintained that Halloween is an important part of childhood despite attempts from both ends of the ideological spectrum to stamp it out. It’s useful and harmless when done correctly.

The REAL witches worth worrying about don’t fly by the moon on brooms, folks. More typically? They jet around to vacation locales on taxpayer-financed jets and force children to eat gross meals containing insufficient calories… much more spooky!